Thursday, January 18, 2018
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BarberEvo Magazine North America

The BarberEvo(lution) is heading across the Atlantic in 2018.

Throughout our first twelve months we’ve featured some of North America’s top barbering talent and everyone has said the same thing: “we don’t have anything like this over here.” That’s about to change. February 2018 will see the launch of our new publication, BarberEvo North America.

Barbering and barbershops have long been engrained in North American society; the barbershop is often a cornerstone of communities. The North American barbering movement, as we all know, has also been a huge influence on the movement in the UK. Our aim is to once again explore the vast wealth of barbering culture, the emerging subcultures it’s birthed and create a magazine that truly represents the industry.

The all-new, bi-monthly publication will again aim to entertain as much as it educates. Readers will find everything from innovative step-by-step guides and business articles to lifestyle features on fashion and music.

We are also delighted to announce we have also partner with Jay Major’s CT Barber Expo as official UK media partner. The event in April will be our first opportunity to head across the Atlantic with our latest offering.

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The BarberEvo(lution) continues…