Thursday, July 19, 2018
BarberEVO Magazine

BarberEvo Magazine North America

The BarberEvo(lution) is heading across the Atlantic in April 2018.

In just over a year and eight issues, BarberEvo Magazine has become the UK and Ireland’s leading barbering trade publication. Our culture-based magazine has won plaudits from both barbers, leading brands and clients for its innovative and wide-reaching content and quality of writing and design.

The first eight issues featured interviews with the big names from America and Canada, and upon receiving a copy all said the same: The North American market is lacking such a publication. We now intend to replicate the phenomenal success of BarberEvo Magazine with the launch of our North American based sister magazine at this year’s CT Expo.

BarberEvo will be delivered to over 15,000 of North America’s top barbershops, all major colleges and additional copies will be available at all leading industry events.

BarberEvo is a barbering culture publication – we aim to encapsulate the entire barbering movement and not just the craft itself. Each issue contains a balance of exclusive interviews, the latest portfolio collections, product launches, reviews, news and insightful articles focussing on education, innovative step-by-step guides, informative business pieces and wider lifestyle features.

Our desire to entertain as much as inform and educate is what differentiates our magazine. We continuously strive to create original and thought-provoking content that tackles a greater range of topics – barbers have a broader range of interests than just barbering.”

We are also delighted to announce we have also partner with Jay Major’s CT Barber Expo as official UK media partner. The event in April will be our first opportunity to head across the Atlantic with our latest offering.

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The BarberEvo(lution) continues…