Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Clubman Reserve After Shave Competition

January 19, 2018 Product News

Clubman Reserve After Shaves put the bar in barbershop with masterfully crafted blends of your favourite liquor-inspired aromas to make you feel all right. Comes in Brandy Spice, Gents Gin and Whiskey Woods.

£7.50 177ml//wwwbarberblades.co.uk



Post a photo of Clubman in your shop. (Most creative photo wins)

Tag/follow BarberEvo & Clubman Grooming on instagram, use a #ClubmanxEvo hashtag on the post.

The 10 most creative photos win a care package worth over £50 each.

Each care package includes:
– 6x Clubman Reserve after shaves (2 of each),
– 1x whiskey woods talc.

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